Mobilità INCLUSIONE ….. York (U.K.).

Proseguiamo con le nostre mobilità ed andiamo a York (UK) insieme alla Prof.ssa Maria Maimone, docente di lingua inglese del nostro Istituto, per seguire un corso sulla didattica inclusiva specificatamente rivolto ai ragazzi con dislessia.  La prof. Maimone ha svolto tutto il suo lavoro di relazione su e-twinnig e si appresta a disseminare a noi colleghi tutto ciò che ha imparato!! Della sua esperienza ci ha detto:

“Thanks to the project ” Erasmus +KA1”  I had  the best and most amazing training course  I ever experienced so far in my life.

Getting a lot of new and  interesting information   about “Dyslexia” was better than I could ever imagine.

 It’s been 4 months  now after the  course in York  ,but I am  still full of enthusiasm  and determination to enhance  the topic.

 The corse gave me a  solid understanding of the  key challenges in this field and particularly   practical ideas on how to teach those with dyslexia as well as those without, without creating extra work for the teacher; and how to build a positive and accessible environment both inside and outside the classroom.

 Martin , the trainer,  was  such a charismatic and humorous teacher and speaker; during each single minute of the  class hours I was highly concentrated and paid attention. Totally amazing! He enabled us to learn while having fun. The relationship among the participants was lovely; we had  a lot of fun in working and staying together.

 Definitely the most effective and easiest way to learn such an amount of wonderful skills and techniques to use at school with the students.

 Great stunning experience……..”



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