Mobilità ad Oxford …. metodologia CLIL!

Mobilità per il Prof. Edoardo Colombo, professore di Linguaggio audiovisivo, Macchine e impianti e Tecnologie applicate, ad Oxford (U.K.) per un Corso intensivo sulla metodologia CLIL.

Il Prof. Eduardo Colombo, della sua mobilità, ha detto:

Last November I attended a one-week course at the Lake School of English in Oxford.

The Lake School of English is an independent private English language school, which specializes in professional development for people working in education.
Participants experience a dynamic and communicative style of teaching and receive personal attention from experienced and qualified professionals. Tutors use a wide range of up-to- date resources and integrate online and off-line resources to create a supportive, dynamic learning environment.
Course objectives are planned to improve and extend the CLIL teaching techniques and English language ability of teachers at Secondary school level, to students aged 12-18.
In each session the tutor facilitates an awareness raising activity, followed by a discussion in which participants discuss and compare their classroom teaching experience of their subject. The tutor presents practical and creative teaching techniques for Secondary learners based on a range of teaching methodologies and recent research into CLIL. Participants try out these techniques, discuss adaptations to their own teaching situations. The tutor presents strategies for encouraging communication, motivating students, managing large and/or mixed ability classes effectively, planning and follow-up activities.
My experience was really formative and i’ve certainly improved my CLIL skills.
Hosting family was really nice to me and every colleagues are perfectly open minded and ready to start up new project with me and my school. 
This week represented for me a beginning of a new era of European way of teaching, waiting for next trip.
Prof. Edoardo Colombo


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