Study Visit … Dublin

Foto Riccardo Mini Il prof. Riccardo Mini, insegnante di lingua inglese, ha partecipato ad una Study Visit a Dublino per vedere e “scoprire” il sistema scolastico Irlandese. Il prof. al suo rientro ci ha raccontato:

The long trudging from school to school
under the pouring rain
discussing with my fellow teachers
from France Greece Germany Finland Sweden Spain Portugal Hungary
discussing Education the way it is
and should be
and alas it’s not
and how we could make it better if only we could…

The long dark Dublin nights
the pouring rain
the muddy roads
the Celtic Cross
the saving warmth of music coming from the pubs
the Irish pubs
the Irish pride
the Eastern Rising
the Irish Church
the Irish schools
the Irish smile…

The sudden realization that no country has a perfect school
but rather, every school is the perfect image of its own country…

The feeling for the first time part of something bigger than myself
which some, for lack of better words, keep calling Europe…

This, and not only this, is what I brought back home with me.

Riccardo Mini





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